How to Raise Funds For Girls on GlobalGiving

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1.  Go to Fundraiser Page:

2.  Click on the Create Fundraiser button (see image below).

Create Fundraiser

3.  Log in: You will be prompted to log in.  Please login (if you already have an account) or create a new account.

Log in

4.  After logging in, you should be at or go to this page -   (see image below)

a) Enter a title, goal and a brief description.  You can optionally use the following as a description:

Through this project, girls in Sierra Leone have access to enhanced educational opportunities and training.  This will help prepare them for a secure and successful future. I need your support to ensure girls in Sierra Leone have equal access to quality education.

b) for a photo, we suggest you download and use the following photo - Photo of Girl in Lab

Fundraiser detail


5.  Very Important: Adding the Empower Girls, Provide Computer Training Project to Your Fundraiser:

The next all-important step involves adding the project to your fundraiser.  You can do this as follows:

a) Go to the project page -

b) Scroll down and look for the orange donate button.  Immediately below it is a fundraiser button.  Click on this button to add the project to your fundraiser.  See image on right.

click on fundraiser button

6.  Final Step - Tell Everyone (see image below)

The final step involves telling everyone about this fundraiser.   You can do this in several ways:

1.  Find the address / URL to your fundraiser page by clicking on the Preview Fundraiser button.  Then copy and paste this into an email etc.  This page provides a sample email template that you can use.

2.  Email all your friends by clicking on the Promote Fundraiser by Email link on the right

3.  Share the link to your fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter, asking everyone to donate

4.  Create an event on Facebook - inviting your friends -

My fundraisers

Thanks so much for your support!